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    KIB | komunitas internet Banjar friends good day . will discuss the modem. Modulator demodulator or modem. Modulator is the part which converts the information signal into a carrier signal (carrier) and ready to be delivered, while the receiver is the part between the information signal (which contain data or messages) signal (carrier) has received information that may be well received.Modem is a combination of both, the modem is a tool for bidirectional communication. Communication devices typically use remote two-lane section entitled "modem", such as VSAT, Microwave Radio, and so on, but in general, the term is better known as the modem hardware is often used for communication on the computer.Computer data in the form of digital signal is given to the modem to be converted into analog signals. Analog signals can be transmitted through multiple media such as radio and telephone communications.Upon arrival at destination modem, analog signals are converted into digital signals and transmitted to the computer. There are two types of modems are physical, external modem and an internal modem.Modem is divided into:1. Modem is an analog modem that converts analog signals into digital signals2. ADSL modem3. A cable modem is a modem which receives data directly from the service provider TV via cable to4. CDMA modem5. 3GP modem6. GSM modem

Modem functionsModem function is to convert voice signals into digital signals and also This modem has been developed with a range of facilities that are very useful, such as a modem voice. With this setup modem voice, change the modem function not only as a connector to the Internet, but more than that, the modem can be a radio channel, audio, phone conversations through video it can be useful.
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