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      Gemscool Indonesian online game that is much-loved by gamers all over Indonesia, including you, hehe. Indonesian gamers must already be familiar with gemscool this because gemscool have a lot of games that would spoil the members (all gamers) both among children, adolescents, to adults gemscool many joined together to play a game that many and diverse the range.

Here, Hobbies Games Supplied Gemscool

1. Point Blank
Online Games type of FPS (First Person Shooter)

2. Lost Saga
Exciting battle using your hero characters, making this online game more exciting.

3. Atlantica
Adventure is an activity that is very mengasikan, for those of you who are adventurous games is suitable for you, Atlantica will take you to mysterious places.

4. Yulgang Online
Online MMORPG game types made Comics story begins.

5. Free Style
Your basketball lovers try these games, can be played online with your friends.

6. Kart Rider 2.0
Illegal racers, professional racers can compete here, in 3-dimensional racing games online Gemscool version.

7. DragonNest
DragonNest is a 3D Action RPG game, the latest generation of RPG which offers nimble movements and dynamic, more fun to play.

1. Gemscool Please login to the site (
2. There is a selection Login / Register, Click listing
3. Fill in your personal data (Id, password, e-mail, mobile phone, etc.) please follow the prompts.
4. Click create, then it will come out the image below
5. Open inbox E-mail address for verification
6. Please login and simply select the game that you like.

Forums also gemscool dima forum gemscool this forum is a community forum lovers games (gamers) Indonesia to discuss a variety of games that are popular.
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