Definition LAN (Local Area Network)

Definition LAN (Local Area Network) 
    Definition LAN (Local Area Network) - Friend good day , this time in discussions on a local network or LAN. Local Area Network or LAN is a type of computer network which includes a local area. Using a variety of network devices is quite simple and popular as the use UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), hubs, switches, routers and other . Example : the LAN computers that are connected to the school, company, thinking, and between neighboring houses which covers a LAN area.
    The advantage of using the computer network such as LAN more efficient operating costs, more efficient use of cables, data transfer between nodes and computers seem to be faster because it covers an area narrow or local, and does not require operators to create a LAN network.

The disadvantage of using the type of LAN network coverage is narrow to communicate outside the network becomes more difficult and the coverage area of ​​data transfer is not as wide.

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